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About us

A long family tradition pledged to authentic Italian recipes since 1969

An insight into our catering tradition

In 1969 we started on a marvellous catering adventure with our first restaurant, Mondello; 
in Leamington Spa (Warwickshire).
In those days we served a few simple traditional recipes.

Later on in 1978, we opened our second restaurant La Caverna.
Up until our retirement in 2005, we can sincerely say that this restaurant was our pride.
We catered with immense satisfaction to patrons from across the globe.

You are probably wondering why we 'hung up the tools of our trade'.
With retirement imminent for the partners, the difficult decision whether to continue trading or not haunted us for many months.

The decision to sell the restaurant was a painful one, the day we handed over the keys was a day that we will never forget, our eyes were filled with tears and for some time we felt empty and confused.

However, after 16 months of retirement we noticed that there is life in the old legs yet! 
We decided to start again by opening La Nonna a small intimate restaurant.
Translated La Nonna means The Grandmother.
We chose this name in memory of our beloved and marvellous ancestors.

Despite our smaller venue and fewer trading hours from 7:00pm to 10:00pm, we will continue to offer the usual excellent service and the very best food based exclusively on fresh produce.

Quite a few years have passed since that spring in 1969. We feel, that without any doubt passion, caring and dedication were the main ingredients of our successful catering life.

We are still committed to that tradition, reflecting what our ancestors used to say:

Senza amore non c'é passione - without love there is no passion.